Avatar 3D vs. Avatar

Went to see Avatar 3D today with Lindsey, I saw the ‘regular’ one with Dad and my brothers. Couple of quick points about it. The 3D didn’t add to the movie much if any after seeing both. Sure, I had seen it all already but here are some things about the 3D that didn’t live up to the expectation.

  1. We got big goofy black polarized glasses, no thats not point number one, just sayin.. the movie in parts seems blurry cause of the 3D, its as if the sync wasn’t 100%, it was straining on the eyes at times and kinda did distract from the movie at times too
  2. They only had a handful of scenes that really made good use of the 3D like when the tree spirit seeds were floating, and floating dust and such, and some of the plants (which I’ll get to next)
  3. Maybe the biggest thing I had issue with is that when they did decide to really make something stand out, like plants in the foreground, they were out of focus?? When things pop out in 3D, maybe its just me but I want to look at them but all the popped out things were out of focus because the focus was on the character who was at the screen for lack of a better description. ie, they were set back. The most 3D part of the whole thing I thought was the cartoon dog at the start that kicked a ball or whatever at us to get us to put on our glasses, it was bright, infocus and you could really just look at it and feel like you could touch it.

It is quite possible that some of my thoughts on it are heightened because I’ve seen it and enjoyed it for what it was the first time, but methinks this wasn’t a movie that was 3D from the ground up. It certainly didn’t play to the strengths of 3D, not like a 3D imax movie or something. I think this will easily be a great rental on a high def 42 inch or larger screen, or your own hi-def projector for a movie night. Certainly the quality of the graphics in the foliage, land and avatars is what makes this movie. I’d recommend it yes, I just wouldn’t say 3D makes it any better.

Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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