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I’m an apple fan,… many know that. I was converted years ago when I got my first 17 inch Intel Imac.  I’ve never looked back, and I LOVE macs. The biggest thing is the built in software, it all just comes with the OS and it is all excellent and just works. Sure, sometimes they lack a particular feature I would prefer to have but all the basics and many more are covered and yes, they just work. They do what they need to do and quite nicely.

So, to the IPod, I like little mobile devices, I’ve always liked the PPC 6700 from HTC because of its slideout keyboard. Sure there are others but the ppc was always cheap because it came out in 2005, so finding it on ebay for a decent price wasn’t hard.  Well, couple weeks ago I bought another (first one was a couple years ago and it was half busted when I got it, battery lasted 2 minutes, keyboard was glitchy). On this one the battery was baked but I ordered another off ebay,.. still waiting for it, anyways, I got to use it a fair bit when I went to Ontario. Its ok, the IE browser is lousy and SO outdated that many sites just don’t work well, and videos don’t work on it as I couldn’t find a decent flash plugin for it. I found a real nice interface by SPB with gesture actions, a sweet gui interface with neat widgets and all but,… thing is, when do I really need to sit down and stare at a tiny screen? .. My problem is, anytime I go anywhere for any length of time, I have my macbook with me, so why not just use that with a full 13 inch screen, full keyboard, all videos and plugins work etc. You can’t make a blog real quick on those handheld devices, nor can you write more then a 2 sentence email without it being tedious.

So, Lindsey got an IPod touch, my moms old one, which is nice cause she is also Mrs. Gallant, so its fitting 🙂  . As I was playing with it, I thought I would feel restricted by its interface, you can’t completely change it like you can on a pocket pc, you can’t put themes on it that I know of yet, and I thought I would feel trapped by the limited number of apps for it where as, something on ppc running windows mobile should have lots right?

First thing is that with windows mobile, you really need a PC to install 90% of the stuff on it, and finding apps proves to be a labourious pain. Meanwhile, over on the touch, you click the apps store, there is a big button for FREE games and apps and you just click on one and download it. No fuss, it just works. And for mail, you can have multiple accounts, thats cool, didn’t know that, the interface is just so smooth that you don’t want another theme on it, it just works! The unit is also very slim, whereas the ppc that I have is an inch thick and the screen is smaller.

The browsing experience is WAY better too with swipes and motions to navigate. There isn’t anything on windows mobile like that for free that I’ve found yet.

Oh, and it does photos and music the best as well, that goes without saying. So, now that I’ve had a chance to spend more then 5 minutes with one, I don’t think there is any reason to bother with any other units when Apple has it in the touch and it just works! And there are literally thousands of apps available in the app store.

And at the end of the day, I decided I don’t really need to check my email every 5 minutes manually on the ipod, … when my mac does it automatically anyways 😛 . I always have my mac sitting around sleeping somewhere. Oh, and I forgot, its good for me to use my mac because that means I take it off the power more to exercise the battery! It only lasts an hour or so now so I need to regularly cycle the battery to keep it alive (I don’t want to pay $160 to get it replaced 🙁  ..) So ya, making sure i use it downstairs as much as I use it upstairs is good for it, so one less reason to have another device.

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