I was beaten to the blog punch by my brother for mom blog post ‘promotion’ (as my dad would say). I’m happy she has realized eternity, beat us to heaven and is now fully functional, active and aware, 3 things that weren’t always available to her in the last days – for which she would often get frustrated about. I too miss my mom of course, that goes without being typed. We have yet to get through the viewing, funeral, and internment which are all slightly depressing. Not sure if I’ve realized I now don’t have an earthly mom but I’m sure there will be days when I stop to think about it. Suffice to say, life has changed, it will never be the same again, and sadly, this is something I need to get used to for the rest of my life. Its kinda the final send off, as kids, we were taught much of what we know by our parents and this is the final send off, we are on our own. Not that we haven’t been, but its a level of comfort knowing parents are around. Obviously my dad is still active and around and thats awesome. ┬áSo those were some random thoughts. For a more formal blog ‘all about mom’, see this one:

blog about mom

Farewell mom, see you again (I think in a year or so)

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