Being that life after death is something in our minds right now, I saw this interesting article on,8599,1955636,00.html

Is there life after death? Theologians can debate all they want, but radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long argues that if you look at the scientific evidence, the answer is unequivocally yes. Drawing on a decade’s worth of research on near-death experiences — work that includes cataloguing the stories of some 1,600 people who have gone through them — he makes the case for that controversial conclusion in a new book, Evidence of the Afterlife. Medicine, Long says, cannot account for the consistencies in the accounts reported by people all over the world. He talked to TIME about the nature of near-death experience, the intersection between religion and science and the Oprah effect.

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We, as Christians believe that there is definitely life after death, its not only a comforting thing when a family member dies but the hope that is in us being Christians, that we would die in this world and awake with Jesus. It doesn’t make everything better, we still hurt, feel loneliness and long for the person that is  gone from this world, but it allows us hope that we will see them again and that they are in a better place (assuming they have recognized Jesus as Christ and and Him into their hearts). My mom did  indeed know Jesus and so we look forward to seeing her when we meet Jesus.

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