Dwindling number of church goers


Was reading the above article on cbc PEI. It speaks of the closure of many catholic churches, from 50 at one time, possibly down to 17 or so. The issue, attendance.

Lindsey and I were at St Dunstans Basilica on  sunday night for an ecumenical service. Our pentecostal pastor preached that night to members of our church, the catholic church, baptist and anglican churches, and united,. and others…?  Anyways, it seemed somehow that our church had the largest attendance to it.

The issue with all churches is that people just aren’t going to church anymore, all you see is grey hairs there now, young people for whatever reason just aren’t going. I was talking to a fellow in our church, father of 3 (?) who grew up on the Island. In our Calvary church, he remembers a time back in Pastor Powers day that the evening service would have more then the morning and the numbers were around 300 to 400 people. (a morning service is around 200 I would guess right now).  Even I remember the times when evening service at our baptist church in Cannington would be fully attended for the evening service and that would actually be the ‘cool’ time for the youth to go. They would all participate and then hang out sunday night after the service.

This is also a big problem in Europe, its been all over the news, church buildings are being converted to mosques, or simply being demolished. Its sad for many reasons, the historic buildings are being lost forever, an era is passing of community centered around the church and most importantly, people aren’t finding God, aren’t knowing God. What else are they doing sunday nights? Drinking I assume,… or just generally disregarding church and God.  Evening service isn’t the end all and be all but it shows a general lack of faith in these end days, people departing from the faith.

I would love it if it were to go back to the ‘old’ days where all the churches were packed, wonder if that happens anywhere in the world anymore?

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3 thoughts on “Dwindling number of church goers

  1. “What else are they doing sunday nights? Drinking I assume,…”

    This could be the thinking that is driving people away from the church. You assume that if they aren’t sitting in a pew and listening to someone tell them how much they sin, that they must be out doing the sin they are accused of. They can’t possibly have anything better to do.

  2. You may be right but if thats whats driving people away, thats pretty lame. I’m a hard man, people need to find God, its obvious that He is real and He created the earth. If they are turned away because I said in a blog that people might be out drinking instead, well,… thats their problem. They would use that to rationalize NOT going to church. We simply live in a culture – and I’m guilty of it too – where we find any excuse not to go to church. We’ve widdled God down to 1 service a week. Who prays every day, reads their bible every day, goes to prayer meeting on wednesdays, helps our with the mid week programs? Not many!

  3. oh, and btw, we ALL sin. And we need to recognize it and hear it. We NEED Christ to save us from our sin. Most people, you possibly as well, believe that you don’t sin. And if you recognize you sin, why don’t you want to hear about it? If you’re saved by Jesus, everytime you hear about it is great because we know we’re saved from it and it helps us grow to be better Christ followers. If you DON”T like hearing about it,… well what does that mean.. maybe you need to get right with the Lord!

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