Got another HTC Apache PPC 6700 Unit

The apache came in the mail yesterday, haven’t fun fiddling with it! Windows Mobile 5 seems to be very unstable for being a mobile OS :S … Got the iphone theme running on it but I installed .Net CF for it to run some other apps and some of the icons went missing. (takes 20 minutes literally) it install that theme fresh and then I need to set it all up again, weather, custom icons, etc 🙁 . Might just go for another free skin, there are some slick ones out there for free. I’m using Wisbar Advance Desktop – because the iphone theme I got required it. You can do some cool stuff with it.

I was wanting to create a blog with the Apache but for the life of me I can’t find software to post to a blog :S. I think some of the RPC using software out there is too old to recognize / work with xmlrpc which is what WordPress now uses. The world of Windows Mobile software seems SO outdated even though WM 6 is supposedly alive and well.  Maybe I should just try updating it through the browser 😛

Lets see if I can update this post from it…
hey, there happened to be a plugin that worked to detect mobile browsers visiting the blog and it works for editing too! Woohoo.. so ya this last sentence or two was posted from my Apache!

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