I don’t agree with Robertson, but I also don’t know enough to disagree with him. Some of you may have seen the comments on facebook or digg . He says basically that Haiti made a deal with the devil and they are suffering from it via punishment from the Lord.

I don’t know the history of Haiti here, but i do know God does bless those countries that generally follow him and for those countries that don’t, they are on their own, and possibly worse they might see punishment from the Lord from their sin. I can’t say whether this quake was because of sin, was the flood in New Orleans because of the sin of that city? Whose to say, some may think strongly it is, and I think personally, if you want to believe that, then it may push you to obeying God more and that would be good 🙂 In the end, we won’t know what God initiated or what was 100% natural until we’re in heaven and we can ask Him about it. I do believe God blesses nations who follow Him though (ie Israel), I believe we are protected and blessed as the country of Canada because we for a significant majority (?) are Christians, at least we started that way. Full of sin, YES, but are there many honest striving christians, yes, many and I think God blesses through those christians. Its definitely controversial to suggest a disaster is from God, but its totally acceptable to conversely say that the blessing we see is from God. There is a double standard there of course…

We also know that in the last days, perilous times will come, earthquakes in diverse places, famines, pestilences. I do believe we are in the last of the last days. People have been saying this for hundreds of years you say? Fine, true, BUT, Israel has not been a nation for 2000 years and that is a HUGE prerequisite for end time prophecy. Now that they are a nation, supernaturally brought to life by God (those dry bones), I believe we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled, birth pains starting, items in Daniel, Revelation, Matthew, etc, all coming to pass in our lifetimes. We all need to realize (Christians included) that the bible is Gods Word, it will not return void, it is true, it has real implications, it is coming to pass, Gods kingdom is nearing and we need to stop suggesting it won’t happen in our lifetime, I don’t think you can deny it now!

As countries bear the brunt of these initial birth pains, we need to pray, support, provide food for, and clothe the people affected, whether they know Jesus or not. That is part of being a christian! But don’t be surprised when these things happen, look up, for the coming of our Lord draws near!

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  1. Pat Robertson? Anti-Climate Change blogs? You kidding me? You’re starting to sound like the hard-core christian conservative right in the US. What’s Lindsey done to you?? jk Back in the day you’d be all rebelling against the establishment what’s up with that. I think it’s pretty clear chemicals in the atmosphere have been messing with things. These glaciers have been around for thousands of years and in 100 years they’ve essentially disappeared? That’s way too obvious. And Pat Robertson, come on. You gotta be more discerning about who you plug. Pat is part and parcel of the us christian conservative right./ Bunch of christians who don’t think for themselves and won’t think rationally. I think it might have been Pat Robertson who dealt with Mugabi (african dictator) under the guise of mission work but with a secret deal for diamonds. Try googling something about that. The christian conservative right in the us makes me sad.

  2. I didn’t say I like Pat Robertson, or even that I agreed with him. I think God is sovereign and things happen on earth. Not sure how this relates to rebelling against the establishment, I’m not agreeing with him at all. For climate change, I think its cyclic, I agree with those who think we have had little to no impact on the atmosphere ourselves. I think God created the world in such a way as to balance itself out even if we do harm it. We put up too much CO2, then the earth will eventually cool. There has been a cooling trend over the last decade which the global warming people can’t explain. YOu need to review what you’ve learned about global warming 😉 I think its all propaganda and no real cause for concern.

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