What to write about today… Its 9:24 in the morning (I start work at 10am on the Island)and I’m drinking out of my new pottery mug from Fort Smith (a very nice Christmas present!). I’ve read all my news, prophecy and otherwise. Big news yesterday night was the quake in Haiti, wow what destruction an earthquake can cause especially in third world places where building codes aren’t the best!

I have a number of projects I need to get done, a website I’m building, my second solar hot air furnace, getting some cross site banner ads going to market my businesses more effectively… a number of things, lately I’ve just been blah. I guess the week after we got home from ontario we were just recovering, taking it easy. No excuse this week, I just need to do it. Especially when its dark out all the time now, I’m at home and bored so I SHOULD get to doing those things! Maybe tonight I’ll start (though I think we need to do a bit of shopping as well). What I should do is wake up at 8am and spend two hours before work on it… but I’d fry my eyeballs before work 😛

I really should get on that solar hot air thing cause that will provide quick monetary returns for us in the form of lower heating bills! I’d like to put one in the sun room too, in order to heat it up a bit but sadly, I think it gets even less light then in the house 🙁 We have a house beside us and a big tree that really block a large portion of the morning rays. At least I’m learning good things about how our future house should be ideally situated for solar energy! I could put stuff on the roof but… since we don’t own the house, we can’t do much to it at all.

Now we have to start thinking about purchasing a car seat for the baby, and then comes diapers, bottles, soothers, baby toys, cribs, clothes,… wow. Money money money. I think the big hit is the initial expense of some of those items, then its not SO bad, still, its a constant extra cost now for us that we can’t reduce at all, conserve, or just go without. Part of the fun of parenthood. We should be able to manage, but its the age old thing of trying to get on stable financial ground, as soon as you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is something else to take that money or something else that needs spending money on.. like our car which will need at least another $100 in unforeseen costs this summer as there is a coolant leak in it.  I really just hope to get beyond the winter heating months so we can get past these brutal oil bills 🙁 . We could  have been saving $300 a month, even more actually and that was our plan for a down payment to be ready for summer, alas, no more there because this house costs SO much for heating. Just as well I suppose to learn that NOW before we go buy an older house and realize how much it costs to heat and be stuck with it for a long time. Granted, there are ridiculous inefficiencies in this house, ie, we are forced to heat an uninsulated sun room,.. just because the boiler system register goes in there and the water does not have antifreeze in it because its also our drinking water :S .

Guess I’ve spouted on about all this stuff before..

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