How to search better, Google actually has a way.

Often when searching the Internet, I’m more interested in personal experience, stories of real people. Or things like their personal websites. But when you search for anything these days on or whatever, all sites returned are the major commercial sites. Rarely do you get a link for the tiny ‘one in a million’ personal website or blog. When I’m looking for reviews, I prefer the REAL review by the nerd who happened to blog about some piece of technology rather then an engadget review or something on IGN.

So.. I was thinking.. boy, wouldn’t it be nice to have a search engine that JUST looks for personal websites or JUST searches blogs. So I googled it, wouldn’t you know, Google has that covered. Its called Google Blog Search! 😛  Now thats handy! I’ll have to see if they have one for personal websites too, which are all but impossible to find these days as most kids these days don’t have a clue how to code HTML or post their own site, let alone getting a domain or whatever. They all have their ‘personal’ sites on facebook or myspace which is lame. Thats another blog though 😉

Check out blog search by google next time you’re looking for some real-down-to-earth people and stories. Oh, and its good to support all these little guys too.

UPDATE: … FAIL… as I was just starting to use it, seems mostly all it returns is forum links, I’m searching for ‘htc apache’ for example, a PDA device. I want blogs, not forums, can’t the code tell the difference :S  . Alas, where did all the personal blogs and websites go 🙁

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