Playing hockey

Played hockey tonight, we did lose. My back had been sore and such from driving from Ontario, sitting in a car for 14 hours in one day, then sitting all day every day for work and then sitting on a couch watching TV when I wasn’t working. None of that was good, slouching all day, never getting good stretches or exercise. Then tonight, I got to play hockey for the first time in 3 weeks and now I feel great. I think when you exercise your body ‘drugs’ you up as it starts to heal all the ‘wear and tear’ that just occurred in your body, adrenaline and such. Thats natural automated medicating, God creates great stuff eh!

Now I feel great, stretched,exercised, had my heart rate up for 60 minutes straight basically. Excellent work out, and I’m playing a sport I love! I don’t know why people pay for gyms when they could play a good sport like hockey. I suppose even better / free is to just get outside, walk the beaches, go geocaching, bike down the confederation trail, lots of things usually we’re just too lazy to do. True enough its harder in the winter too, BUT, if you have Sorels and a good winter jacket, there are indeed some nice wind swept snowy beaches you can venture out on too. Thats fun!

Anyways, LOVE hockey, best sport in the world and it keeps me healthy and in shape! I can never get enough of it!

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