Thanks You for answering prayer and for abundance

Lord, thank you for answering our prayers every day, and for the abundance of blessings in our lives!

Our fridge is full, there is a way, a path through this live that is slowly and surely illuminated by God. Kinda the mixing of two completely different topics here I could talk about but they just came to mind this morning.

The Lord takes care of us and truly, its only when we start to NEED Him that we recognize what He does for us, and then only usually do we talk to Him, spend time with Him etc. True, we aren’t poor, but we are thinking about budgets every day, will we have enough to pay off our debts this month, will we be able to save any? Will we have enough to buy a house? (cause we can’t sustain the heating costs here!) Will we find a good house for a good price? Will our car keep running? With all these things, God slowly reveals His hands and His plans for us.

We recognize that we have SOOOO much, and yet we still rely on Him daily.

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