Why Macs are the best computers – from a fanboy

So I have a mac, started my Mac life 3 or 4 years ago now I guess, I forget exactly when I got our first mac. I’ve loved the mac ever since we got it. I started out with a 17 inch imac and then upgraded to one of the new macbooks at the time, 13 inch wide screen, Intel duo core. Part of the reason was for portability, another part was because the imac I got was not a 64 bit able system, the new macbook is able to make use of the 64bit Snow Leopard. Yes, I do have crash issues with it but I spend no where near the time I would on windows fiddling with it for performance or cleaning up the harddrive or registry. The mac just works and it seems to work just as well from the time I bought it. The major issue I had with it was a harddrive crash, the original 160gig drive failed (luckily I had a decent backup!! – using Carbon Copy Cloner now for my incremental back ups to a 500gig external drive). Other than that, my mac just works, running my work machine – parallells Windows XP with full office suite and all – and all the other software like iPhoto and iMovie and iTunes. The only issue now is that my ram is low when running parallels AND software like iPhoto. I plan to get snow leopard this summer which should help immensely performance wise and save space too.

All that to say, I’m loving my mac, its not just a system I use to get stuff done, its like part of the family.. you can’t usually say that about a regular windows PC! Thanks Apple for a great product!

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