Ban on Cellphone Driving on the Island

Legislation passed in the fall on P.E.I. banning the use of hand-held cell phones while driving will be enacted later this month, says Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley.

MacKinley said the ban will come into effect once it gets final cabinet approval, which he expects to happen during the last week of January.

“When it becomes law we’re going to give everybody three months grace, and we’re going to be issuing warning tickets,” he said.

“I would say by spring you better not be with a handheld cell phone or texting, or you could be charged 250 bucks.”

MacKinley said there will also be a public education campaign.

New Brunswick and Alberta are the only provinces that are still without legislation regarding handheld cell phones in vehicles.

Boo, what happened to being 20 years behind the times on the Island 🙁 … I suppose this will make us safer..

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