New Years 2009 / 2010

Its new years eve and I only have to work a half day. Woohoo! This year Lindsey and I will spend it with Matt, Mom and Dad watching some old home movies, .. and attempting to record some digitally via a new camcorder my dad wants to buy today. Should be interesting to watch all those movies again! Hey, maybe I can get a clip or two on my camera as well. He has old 8mm films and an even older projector that we all hope works somewhat. For cameras, I was suggesting something like the JVC Picsio handheld flash based camera.


  • generic flash based (SD / SDHC)
  • Handheld (much easier to stick in your pocket and actually USE when you go places
  • HD (1080P)
  • USB (albeit only a mini port.)
  • .MOV file format – easy for iTunes and mom and dads iPod Touches
  • Great price at $200

There are a number of other competitors in this interesting market that I knew nothing of until yesterday, its the compact camcorder market where the size of these units is akin to the pocket digital cameras. Lots of features, HD options, lots of video formats to choose from and recording media. One good way to check them out is simply by going to a place like and using the ‘compare feature’!

I’ll let you all know what he got 🙂

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