An Addendum to my NSMB.Wii blog – Multiplayer

Why is NSMBWii so popular? I’m guessing why its selling so well is not totally because its a new super mario brothers, although that will help sell copies any time of year. Rather, I think the biggest draw here is the multiplayer, the fact that friends, family, moms and dads can play along with their kids, ESPECIALLY during the holiday seasons when families and relatives are together and looking for some entertainment. Nintendo is a bit sideways on the whole multiplayer stuff. some games have wifi and no onscreen multi player, ie, Excite Bike world rally,.. where is the local mutliplayer on that? seems like a perfect game for some local racing… and then NSMBWii, its ONLY local, where is the wifi on it? Its a longer game so its one that might be good over distance with the help of friends so they don’t have to be at your house every time you want to continue the adventure. Maybe there are technical limitations but… I think the Internet and video games are mature enough to deal with any potential issues! Nintendo needs to include local MP (multiplayer) and Wifi MP in all games, it just makes sense.

And this is all not mentioning the LOUSY friends system Nintendo has. Each game has its own ‘friends list’ that you have to re-add any of your friends to when you want to use it… so lame. How bout make a wii centric one rather than game centric one, so you add all your friends only once. still secure I think!! And then how about a way to see realtime if friends happen to be online rather then having to phone them up and telling them to load up a game if you want to play. Nintendo makes it so tedious and time consuming to play a video game with friends. most the time, no,… all the time I just want to pick up a controller and play a game, I don’t want to schedule a game playing session, call up my friends or family and get it all organized for a few minutes of game play 🙁 This should be something you can do in the moment, just when you feel like it, pick it up, look for someone online, and play whatever game they are playing at that time.

I can totally see the draw to 360 and ps3 when you consider these drawbacks of the Wii! Too bad that Nintendo does still make many of the best games. If they didn’t have that going for them, I might have to consider switching consoles!

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2 thoughts on “An Addendum to my NSMB.Wii blog – Multiplayer

  1. Thus one of the biggest reasons I no longer have a Wii and got a 360. It just sucks. Wished I kept my Gamecube, it had some dandy games but can’t beat the classic 64 or NES/SNES. Wii needs to change up in order for Nintendo to survive, of which I cannot see happening for much longer. Multiplayer mode needs to change, I how cool would it be if you, me, matt and brent could play a wifi Bomberman 93 online match? Amazing!
    Sure, Wii has classic games to download but Emulators are better cuz it’s free (basically illegal but no policing towards it. Just like hacking.)
    Consider switching Micah (or at least buying a second console, 360’s are not too expensive these days!)Only drawback is you have to buy the wireless router separate instead of built in feature (ps3, wii)
    and merry new year!

  2. Hey Fretz. realistically I’ll likely never get another console. don’t have the money and if I had two, I would like only ever play one of them and never play the other so it would be a waste of money. The next console i get will likely be whatever the successor to the Wii is. I still don’t think any company can beat Nintendo, even with Nintendos shortfalls. Honestly, if we can’t make the effort to schedule the playing, then maybe we just don’t care that much 😛 But ya, would be a cool feature… Maybe I should get a DS…

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