What a different surreal life

What a different surreal life it is when you’re on vacation. You’re either super busy with all fun stuff or slightly bored because you don’t have your regular household chores, you maybe aren’t cooking, or vacuuming, all those things.

For holidays like thanksgiving or Christmas its a great time with family around. I always loved it and still do. The worst part is when everyone leaves, the house is quite or you’re on your way home to your own house after have a full day with family and friends or whatever.

This must be called the ‘post Christmas blues’. Google it and you’ll find tons of articles on it. And to the title, well, our ‘regular’ lives go on hold for a while, and then we live in this dream world where there are no curfews, no morning hour that we need to wake up for, nothing on the schedule, we wear our pajamas all day… Its nice but then after a while, it does get old. I think we’re made to work, we enjoy having things to do, being busy, being involved and I think on vacation sometimes we go TOO far in the opposite direction. Maybe what might be more healthy is a good work project or hobby that you can do during vacation time. Me.. I do have projects, I just really don’t feel like doing them. ┬áMaybe its just this vacation that I feel like that though… well, truth be told its not a vacation at all, i”m still working, I’m just able to see more family which is nice.

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