Anybody wonder what the ground pin does on an appliance plug??

I theoretically knew what it did, but I couldn’t put a scenario to it really. So if you thought you knew what it was for and wanted clarification, heres a sceario describing how it works in real life:

How does a 3-Pin Power Plug Operate?
The top two pins of the male power plug are the live and neutral pins. The live pin feeds power into an appliance while the neutral pin draws unused power back to the power source, creating a closed circuit for power to flow through. The ground pin acts as a safety device that is usually connected to the metal casing of an appliance. If the appliance malfunctions and the metal casing becomes electrified, the ground pin will direct the voltage into a safe ground so that the appliance user is not electrocuted.

Its one of those things you think you know, but then you actually sit down and think about it, and maybe you can’t explain it to people 😛 … there ya go…

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