We enjoyed a good night in Georgetown at Kevin and Aimees place. It was good to see them again and ALL 4 children 🙂 Not that we’ve been gone THAT long but it was interesting to see g-town and all the ‘old’ roads again.

Tonight Lindsey is making clove oranges and we’re watching the 1950s version of A Christmas Carol. Its a VHS tape that we had to rewind and we’re watching it on a 42 inch plasma 😉 Interesting combo.

Guess this is a really short blog. I’m hoping for a happy merry Christmas this year with our family. Pray the Lord is with us!

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One thought on “Friends and family

  1. Speaking of interesting combos, after we got home from Christen’s birthday party, we watched the same movie on CBC! and on a plasma TV that Kevin Wallington delivered to us yesterday from Hay River Audiotronic!
    Interesting combo alright in that we were using an analog signal from my roof antenna.
    Praying that you have a Christmas of wonder and a fulfilling new year.
    Sorry that it may not be a white Christmas for you – but you watch ‘White Christmas with Lindsey. I know that I’ll be watching it with the girls here.

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