I am home for the holidays. Tired after many hours of driving, I guess it comes out to like 20 hours on the road once its all said and done, stops, gas, whatever. I hope we can enjoy this Christmas as a great time with all the family – we hope a bit more snow comes too, its not quite a 100% white Christmas yes here (just as well though, at least its not +3 and raining like in PEI 😛 ). I do like the crisp cold winters, it was great in Montreal, -16, crisp crunchy snow, you can see your breath and all the humid exhaust from cars, love seeing the exhaust, cause that means its really cold 🙂

Hope to see some more friends tonight in Georgetown, that should be fun. We’re going to be busy, driving around lots methinks, seeing lots of people and trying to generally get lots of visiting in.

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