We got our tank filled up after just 34 days since we ran out and filled it up. Drum roll please….. 600 litres we burned up over that period. ‘Normal’ homes that are decently insulated are more in the range of 200 litres a month, max 300. SO… we got plastic wrap for all the windows, we had some leaky ones, and even plastic wrapped some of the doors to the sun porch. We aren’t allowed to install digital thermostats WITHOUT an electrician ๐Ÿ™ … its 2 wires you have to connect :S ridiculous… and yes, Landlord, if you’re reading this, its ridiculous ๐Ÿ™ ย They go a long way to helping manage temperature more efficiently. I’ve also plugged many little gaps in walls where cold air was streaming in. Just need to get some weather stripping for the doors, that will definitely help to slow down the drafts coming in there.

If I owned the house,… oh man what I would do to overhaul this place, its SO energy inefficient. the owners just accept the fact that it costs $490 a month to heat it, blah, a little bit of work insulating the place would I think get that easily down to $300. Thats my target for fuel come next fill up!

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