Its been a couple days

Its been a couple days since I blogged,.. wow, thats a long time for me ­čśŤ Weekend can get busy for us I guess, in a way… Lindsey worked all saturday, I did nothing but working on my ‘secret’ project (to be launched maybe in the next 2 weeks depending on how much time I can devote to it). Worked um,… like 10 hours straight, heads down. Made great progress… anyways, thats not the point of the blog.

Played hockey saturday night, 10pm game, that was grrreat! Got a few assists at least, fabulous exercise it was, we lost 8 to 7 or something like that, was a back and forth game. Man I love hockey, best sport in the world! Just love the finesse of the game, making a good move, beating an opponent, gliding down the ice, rushing up the ice. I am getting slower.. though, I think that is more related to my fitness level then my age, I shouldn’t be slowing down too much yet otherwise! Hockey is almost the only physical exercise I get all week (that raises my heart level). Walking up and down our stairs doesn’t cut it! Although of late, shoveling snow has been great, that takes a lot of energy too! Especially with our big wide driveway. And nope, I won’t be paying someone to do it. That is just SILLY!!

Ok, consider this, people spend $50 a month for Gym memberships, or whatever, and then they pay for someone to plow their drive… um… to save the earth and your paycheck, how about get FREE exercise and shovel your OWN driveway, and for a bonus, you get extra exercise by blessing someone else and shoveling their driveway! I dunno, thats just common sense for me.

Now, having said that, common sense doesn’t mean I’m saving money in all scenarios like that, I still need to sit back every once and a while and evaluate what we’re doing, how we could save money on it, and the bigger question, do we really need it… ┬áLike cable TV (we don’t have it) or a cellphone (we have pay as you go so no monthly fees there).

This blog is slowly moving to a ‘how we save money’ entry… ohwell. ┬áJust some thoughts for the morning.

Oh, and its awesome that we have a baby on the way! Going to find out this week how he / she is doing. Please pray with us that all is well and he baby is healthy!

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