The Endless Pursuit of Money

So I was looking at Google Adsense, everyone wants to make money from basically nothing, or a minimum amount of work. Adsense is no miracle program, it requires that you have already a LOT of traffic, and if you have a LOT of traffic, likely you are already running a money making business with a website or multiple websites.  I’m always looking for more money, how to make it, where it can be found. Luckily with my websites I’ve been able to generate REAL money by their design and hosting. Because they are relatively smaller, locally based websites, the click through rate is not good at all. Usually its return visitors with some connection to the organization or whatever. And with those, you can’t make money.

With things like Adsense, you make money on ‘click through’s for the most part, you can make it on views but I think ‘click through’s are the real money spot. So… I’ll never make much money off Adsense, I haven’t even really decided to start using it across my websites, you’ll see a little box at the bottom of this page, but again… I get maybe 1 visitor a day to my site? And most are friends, so thats not making any money.

What is my suggestion for making money? Create goods, products, services. I make real hard earned cash from creating websites, content, managing that content. Thats a tangible business, its steady and though I’m not getting anywhere near rich off it, its predictable and a great side job! Its enough to pay for its own hosting fees and other things.

Conclusion? .. stick with making real things for real people. Figure out what you love to do and do it. If you can paint, then paint pictures and sell them at flee markets or whatever. Making money is going to take work. No millionaires became that way from Google Adsense, they worked hard and long at whatever they were doing.

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