Micro Blog #2 – Popcans

Had a deal on at our local corner store, 3 12 can packs of pop for $9.99. Can’t pass that up 🙂 Especially when those same cans will make us money over the year heating! My current box has 12 cans in it. Its saving us (as calculated in this blog: Solar Heating Calculations) about $13 a year.  With 36 cans added to the group, that savings jumps up to $52 a year. Haven’t gotten my BIG panels up and running, I simply have no place to put them. Once we purchase a house, I’ll review that again. I’ll post more once I’ve created these. Can’t wait to see what I’m able to collect in Ajax as well over Christmas :). Popcan solar heaters are such a great little fun project and Do make an impact on heating bills.

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