The use of ‘then’ and ‘than’

I’m on a mission to always use the correct word when using ‘then’ or ‘than’. Its always been something I gave little thought to when writing. Maybe i thought about it in school, but I certainly haven’t thought about it much since… well after school as there aren’t people marking my spelling.

So here is the quick lesson, ‘then’ indicates time, and ‘than’ indicates a comparison. Here is a good article to brush up your skills on the use of the words:

With so many acronyms and just plain incorrect shortening of words on things like facebook, instant messaging and whatever, sometimes its good to get back to using the correct words, the ‘long hand’ of such. Lets hear it for spelling 101!

The word ‘than’ for me is used a lot less than ‘then’ in general writing (typing) because I for some reason type ‘then’ automatically. Then and NOW, today are different as then I wasn’t particularly concerned about the correct usage, but now, when ‘than’ is correct as opposed to  ‘then’, I will use it.  – ha 😛 So that was an awkward two sentences, just trying to use the words. wonder if anybody will see any incorrect grammar in my post?

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One thought on “The use of ‘then’ and ‘than’

  1. In your second sentence you use “its” when you should have used “it’s”. People also have a lot of trouble with this difference. A good rule to remember:
    It’s (with apostrophe) is ONLY EVER used as a contraction of “it is.” If you can’t substitute “it is” in place of “it’s,” THEN you should not use the apostrophe.
    Its (without apostrophe) is used as a possessive pronoun. People always want to put in the apostrophe, but it’s not necessary. Think of the word his. You don’t need an apostrophe to say “Micah drank his coffee.” Likewise, you don’t need an apostrophe to say “Micah likes its robust flavour.”

    I always find grammar mistakes in your blogs 😉 But then I’m a geek.

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