Health Benefits of Olives.. who knew?.. Apparently the whole rest of the world!

So, I never liked Olives. I thought I didn’t anyways, they have a STRONG flavour! On our trip to Scotland we stopped on the last day at an expensive restaurant (didn’t know before we went in :S ) and.. forget who had them, Dave maybe? Anyways I tried one for the first time (apart from having sliced ones on pizza’s) and I really liked it.

And so this past shopping outing we bought a jar. Well more like I bought a jar, Lindsey doesn’t like them. And they are incredible! Oh Olive, where have you been all my life??

imagesIts like drinking lemonade, makes you go WOW.  You gotta try them. PLUS, they are apparently excellent for your health:

They are good for things like cholesterol, mitigating free radicals, lots of GOOD fat, Vitamin E, Iron, fibre, a fat soluable anti-oxident… They’re amazing.. And the world has been eating them since creation (about 8000 years ago as that article states).

Food is amazing, God truly created amazing things in this world and He made food for us to eat that would nourish our bodies. If we would just eat the natural food instead of trying to add to it, I’m guessing we would have a healthier population in general!

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