I’ll be HOME for Chrissssstmassss (singing the tune to the song)

Lindsey and I will be traveling back for Christmas, that will be nice. Haven’t seen my family since we moved here basically – also have more stuff to pick up from my parents house 😛 . I haven’t actually had a Christmas with my parents in YEARS and YEARS, since I moved out basically, Christmas morning was always somewhere else. I love having it at my own house with Lindsey, its always lots of fun too. Next year we’ll be able to have a Christmas with our own little family, with a tree, and a few stockings. That will be one to remember for sure as well.

I also want to be sure to remember to celebrate Christs birth. To be honest, I don’t really think about the real meaning here that we as Christians supposedly celebrate it for. Not that Jesus was born on EXACTLY Dec 25th,… its just a good date to celebrate His birth. So I need to remember to focus on that this year, and I never really have before. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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