Church, and Island and Time

timewarpPEI is a funny and interesting Island. Everything here seems like its from 20 years ago. When we came, all that the radio stations had on them was country and 80’s music. I love all the roads, they’re all cracked, broken and old school just like I remember them from vacations.

The church too seems to be 20 years behind, in a good way. They still  have evening service here and are JUST not starting to talk about getting rid of it (churches in ontario did that years ago). Calvary church (that we attend) still has church picnics – at the beach no less 🙂 , they still get together at peoples houses for corn boils and stuff.  Just so many little things that they still do that churches in Ontario seem to have forgot about or lost interest in. I miss all those times together as a church. This church seems so close and loving, its a great atmosphere.  The teens and young people too seem to be much more sheltered, not as many obvious HUGE issues as in Ontario, I think families too are from 20 years ago, still together, still disciplining their kids, still bring their kids to evening service. Its wacky and great at the same time.

I’m really enjoying the time warp that IS PEI! I’d better, … 20 years from now, there will be no evening service, no church picnics, music from the 90’s and the roads will be all new BLACK asphalt (rather then the red dirt asphalt they have now).

Enjoy the NOW because the NOW will never occur again.

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