250px-Zelda_Logo.svgI have now completed the Legend Of Zelda – Wind Waker. Elapsed time… probably 30 to 40 hours. The silly time thing in the game kept decreasing?? It would hover around 21 hours played. Really weird, maybe it doesn’t work well on the Wii.. So this adds to my list of Zeldas played.

I have finished:

  • A Link To the Past on GB
  • Ocarina of Time – N64
  • Wind Waker – was for GC but finished on Wii
  • Twilight Princess – Wii

I never did complete Majoras Mask 🙁 got half way through, didn’t know what to do next and then just forgot about it. Don’t have the game anymore. I’ll have to get that one. I find it a lot of fun to complete these games. I do use hints every once and a while, my fun is in getting through the story, not necessarily that I get EVERY little item, and beat all the bosses with zero help. Granted I usually do figure stuff out on my own but a hint here or there keeps me from hanging up the controller on the game for good 😉

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