Ran across a problem with our dishwasher, we purchased cheap detergent and after the first wash, there were powder streaks and residue on most of the dishes. Now, it could be that all the sudden the ‘Jet Dry’ was empty, but we never used it, it may have been full since we had moved in. It seemed like it was the result of the cheap detergent though otherwise that was quite the coincidence to happen just as we switched soap. Ok, ┬áso we didn’t want to go and buy anything new of anything so I quickly googled it, turns out you can use white vinegar, and so far that has worked for us. Who knew??

There are so many simple solutions to household things, or replacements for household products using ingredients you already have.

Heres one on home made dish soap:

And here is a list of articles on new ways to clean things around the house by yourself:

There is just loads of stuff for getting things done around the house, inside and out, and environmentally friendly ways to do it and they are even often cheaper than buying the ‘correct’ product from the store.

Google is a great tool, and by google I really mean the Internet, to help you find cost saving methods for doing things, it helps teach you how to fix things yourself, to be come self sufficient, how to make your home energy efficient, ALL kinds of great things. We never think about a cheaper or alternative way to do things, we just jump to doing it the way we always did it even if that involves spending more money, paying for a repair guy to come in, or using chemicals that are bad for us or the environment or both.

I think its high time to give things an extra second or two of thought and make sure we’re making good decisions on the how to do the things we need to get done.

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