Got our Christmas Wish book!

post-143-1183592097-500x623We finally got our Christmas Wish book from Sears yesterday. Back when I was a young’en we would get this and all us kids would circle EVERYTHING we wanted. Got to the point where our parents didn’t even get the wishbook anymore 🙁 Boo-urns. but now we have it again and I just might circle things just like old times. Every new year I look at all the new cool toys and I think, ‘boy, the kids these days have the coolest selection of toys!’. They even have solar power remote control cars now and flying trucks! Neat stuff.

What would be cool is to allow underprivileged kids to circle something in it and get that for them for Christmas. So they could have the same experience as us, ya its consumerism but its lots of fun at the same time. We won’t likely buy anything out of it this year but its tons of fun looking through. Love all the slot car sets, and all the different RC vehicles. They have some great new ride on cars, trucks and tractors now too! Quads, and dumping front end loaders! Did I mention they now have submarine RC vehicles?

Anyways, lots of fun thanks to the Sears Wish Book!

Of course, the real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate Christs birth which we do very easily overlook / forget so I’ll need to post more reflection blogs on that in the coming days

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