Jesus died for our sins

Was reading the book of Mark this morning, chapters 15 and 16 describing Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection. What an awesome thing that was and is, to be saved from all our sin, to have it forgotten and to be counted as a family member with Jesus. Sometimes pondering things like that is good for us. As Matt says, ‘Selah’.

So often, er 99% of the time we live, day in, day out, not thinking about His sacrifice. This is partly what communion is for I suppose (which we happened to miss this month 😛 ). We’re so quick to get caught up in the busy -ness or the fun things, or hobbies, or work or whatever that we fail to REALLY understand what it is to live, to breath, to be alive, to be in this great world.

Are you really enjoying the world around you? Are you really enjoying your time with family and appreciating all the blessings God has given to you (especially to us in Canada). We have SO much to be thankful for and its all because He loved us first.

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