I have a father

Its not fathers day or anything, I just want to write a blog on my father and maybe about the kind of father I’ll be.

I had fights with my Dad. Not fist fights, thats crazy…. and  with my Mom too. I wasn’t the ‘model’ child by any stretch.  I always appreciated him though.  He worked full days, week by week, month by month,… year… you get the idea. He provided and provided very well. We were never wanting anything really. Even during the times we were ‘poor’ and on a budget, we still had plenty to eat, plenty of warm cloths, and a nice big house and a big yard. We were never roughing it by ANY means.

One thing I appreciated about my Dad was the breadth of knowledge he had about, almost any subject. He wasn’t just skilled at one thing at all. He didn’t call in plumbers, handyman people, mechanics, electricians, or roof shinglers.. He did it all himself (with our free labour sometimes).  When talking with people he was able to converse at a high level with anyone on just about any subject and I was always amazed. I wondered where all that ability and knowledge came from.

I’m starting to see where it came from. He taught me most of what he knew, or I learned from watching him anyways and helping out. When our car needs brakes, I don’t need to sit on the sidelines and pay canadian tire to do it (although there is nothing wrong with that 😉 ) When our bath needs caulking done on it, I can do it. When drywall needs to be repaired, I can do it and have done it lots. It leaves me realizing, … thats where it all comes from.

When my kids wonder where I learned it all, I can tell them that it all came from ‘doing’ life. My dad taught me lots, I learned lots on my own through my hobbies and things I just had to figure out. I think that a good piece of advice is this: Just try it, figure it out, ask others how to do things, google them. You only fail if you do not try.

I’ve found in the past that I was worried about fixing something, then once I got down to it, its not all that hard, it just seems hard when you’re looking at it and have no idea what to do. If you just do it step by step, you can figure it out.

Case in point is my damaged car, the fender was well smashed, the left headlight smashed, the radiator was leaking and the air conditioning rad was severly bent (possibly damaged). So, one saturday I started stripping it down in our apartment parking lot under the sun. Piece by piece I figured out how it came apart and eventually replaced the radiator, the light and stitched up the cowling. Next time it happens, I’ll have a better idea of where to start, what tools I need, how long it will take (incidentally, the whole project, strip down and rebuild was probably over the span of 8 hours, I didn’t do it all in one day as I was waiting for parts etc).

So to sum up, I appreciate my dad, all the knowledge he has and has passed on, how he taught me not to be afraid of getting into something. Worst that can happen is that you’ll break it,… and then you’ll learn a lesson from that too! Being ‘handy’ as they say is one way to be green, to be energy efficient too. Rather then calling somebody out to fix something, or spending money on it, you can do it yourself.

btw, there are tons of DIY sites. Here is one: DIY Home Improvement Information | DoItYourself.com

There are lots of books too that teach you all the terminology in a project and the tools needed and steps 1 to 10 for getting it done. Theres nothing wrong with books on it at all! You read it once and you’ll have the knowledge going forward.

So I understand now where all that information comes from and all his ability to speak on a variety of subjects knowledgeably.  I hope I can be the same type of dad for our kids, I hope I can teach them lots and I hope they can teach me lots too (and I’m sure they will!!)

I have a father and I hope my kids will say that one day too! Thanks Dad!


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2 thoughts on “I have a father

  1. Good post, dad is really an exceptional guy and I can only hope we’ll live up to that standard.

    After driving 3 hours to and from school for just 3 years I got an idea of what he was putting up with every day for 30 years.

    Dad is good with handy-work and he’s also good with intellectual stuff. I have a hunch it was CBC Radio 1 for 30 years as he drove to work and back that gave him the ability to talk about so many different topics with a high degree of knowledge.

    The thing that gets me is he is usually right or pretty much right on every given topic. I don’t know how he does that. He’s so reasonable and pretty much spot on on everything once you get to details. That he can sometimes surprise people with supposedly sacrilegious opinions (when they’re really not) just makes me want to laugh that he’s right way more often than he’s wrong..

    PS. I wrote that comment about sounding like dad on your other post before I read this one.

  2. I concur, so there ya go dad, if you’re reading this. Your kids think you’re a great dad!

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