Another quick post about grid tie inverters. A cool product is available, or at least I just found out about it. Its a tiny grid tie inverter that has one 3 pronged plug so you plug in your solar panels in one end, plug the other end into ANY outlet in your house and the power will supplement your grid power used OR if you are using no grid power, will feed back into the grid potentially making you money.

Watch the vid below, this unit costs about $200 on ebay and is a GREAT way to start supplementing your electricity and incrementally reducing your power bill.

As an example, if I had a 10 watt solar panel plugged into a unit like this 8 hours a day for a month, it would save me $0.50 a month on our power bill. Ya, 50 cents, you read it right. But hey, scale that up, purchase a 180 panel (about $750 right now) and that translates into about $10.00 savings a month. Now that is a significant number we can relate too. If our bill is $60 a month, then we would only have to pay $50. COOL hey! Its easy to conserve energy and harness all the free energy out there, and we live in a time when there is great technology to make it accessible to all the regular folk like myself.

[youtube hANi5NbcY5g]

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