Things I’m thankful for:

Many of us are thankful for many things; however we don’t often express them to others or on paper, or even articulate those things to ourselves consciously.

We do miss being with other family this year, first time to not be with our parents, siblings, grandparents. Its a big change.

SO, on thanks giving 2009, here are the things i’m thankful for:

  • my wife

  • that my wife is making stuffing JUST for me (she doesn’t like it)

  • our family

  • our warm house

  • our jobs – Lindsey just got a new job in Charlottetown!

  • that we can live anywhere in Canada

  • that we’re living on PEI

  • that we have food on our table, in our fridge and in our bellies

  • that we have a good car (though its costing us a bundle right now 🙁 … )

  • that we have a big garage to do car work on

  • that we could afford snow tires this year

  • that we have a good church to go to

  • that we have good friends, here and in Georgetown

  • that we have great parents who always help us, whether moving, or paying for things or whatever

  • that we have wireless Internet – woot, a nice perk indeed!

  • that I’m able to enjoy things like Wii, my hobbies like solar hot air / electricity

  • that I can play hockey this year!

  • that we’re healthy

  • that God has designed such awesome animals, bees, cats, birds, and trees – the whole ecosystem is amazing when you look at it!

  • that we have free time to spend enjoying the things of this life.

And who do I give thanks to?? GOD of course, you can be thankful but whats the point if you’re not thankful to SOMEBODY for SOMETHING? And who better to be thankful to then God, the creator of all things, the one who blesses us with all things, and the one who we owe with our lives!

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