Winter Tires for a snowy blowy winter in PEI

We got winter tires for our car. Bout $1200 gone for those. It helps hurts that we have a caliber SXT with 17 inch wheels. Sure, I could have went with 15inch tires and rims but then we lose an inch and a half of clearance (not the correct direction to go when trying to get through snow) and the tires would just look goofy. Each tire alone cost $169 :S And the rims $70.  Our hope is that it will be worth it to have WINTER tires as opposed to all season. We’ll see, PEI is supposed to have messy winters, blowy, snowy, and wet winters.

Having a complete set of winter tires also saves money and time down the road. I can swap off my all seasons with the winters and that allows us to squeeze a bit more life out of the all season set.

So stay tuned, once the snow flies, I’ll try to get detail up here about what winter tires are good for, if they are worth it and all that. NOTE: These are the cheapest winters I could find, so I’m hoping they aren’t just all seasons with a winter label on them. The reviews aren’t horrible… so we’ll see.

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