Did I blog on this already? I don’t think so, but i’m too lazy to check right now.

Anyways, WiiWare. Lost Winds. You should get it! Lost Winds is a great WiiWare title, exlusive to Wii of course, hence the ‘WiiWare’ definition. Its 1000 wii points I think. Its a great sidescrolling adventure game that has very nice graphics, psuedo 3D I guess. Its just like a classic adventure game that has you searching through towns, talking to towns people and battling through dungeons and flying through the air. Its definitely a gem and I would recommend you get it. Uber cheap for the game that it is and a sequel is scheduled to be out this month (October) which promises to be far longer and varied.

You move through the game with the nunchuck joystick and instead of jumping you use the wiimote to create gusts of wind which blow the character and objects in the game around to solve puzzles. The game is not too hard and not too easy. Its almost perfect. I never like games that are so hard you can’t figure them out, I just want to play through a story, not be stumped at every turn. Lost Winds has that balance I think. So 2 thumbs up from me.

Get the sequel too, coming out soon!

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