What wonderful bible times we live in!

We live in such awesome times, biblical times I think. So much is happening in world events. After all this I’m starting to worry (not like I should not have been before) about peoples eternal salvation.

Gone are the days when families would pray together at the dinner table methinks. Unlike the classic image to the left where Mom, Dad and kids would pray, families are so broken now, even Christian families. single parents, substance abuse, just plain spouse abuse, dads not being there even if they are in the marriage. So many issues like this are in the church today. Which I suppose on one hand is good, it means the church is a safe place for those families and they are finding support whether their situation was by their doing or not. On the other hand, its too bad the church can’t influence these things enough to help the marriages be reconciled. I guess its not the church anyways but God and both parties need to be accepting and want to do the Lords Will in this case..

Think I got off track, anyways I like the olden days, at least on TV when it seemed like families were all ok, and people got along 😛 I like these days too, I just want to be sure that we can be an honourable family in unto God.  In these uncertain and prophetically fascinating times, I hope that A) our family can be a blessing to others and B) that we be willing to show others the way to Christ using all the mediums we’re given in this technological age.

I hope that somehow I can stand out and be a witness through my website or facebook or any other online forum.  Hey theres a book that needs to be written, ‘How to stand out as a Christian in this technology oriented world’. Too bad I’m too lazy to write a book 🙁  Course, I’m no expert at the subject by ANY means. I just pray that God uses what I do and post, and upload and twitter (granted I don’t use twitter much, haven’t found a REAL good use for it yet), and blog for HIS glory. I would love to hear one day in heaven that someone read my stuff and I was a part of their decision to follow Christ.

My online testimony is here: http://micahgallant.com/GodWalk.html

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