Since its on my mind, here are the upgrades I need for my Mac. My system is crashing sometimes running Parallels because of the lack possibly of memory a bit, I have 2 gigs. But with Snow Leopard speed improvements it should help as well. So here is my list:

  1. Mac Box Set:
    1. OS X Snow Leopard
    2. iLife 09
    3. iWork 09
  2. 4 gig Ram upgrade (though my Mac will only see 3, its still an upgrade from 2)
  3. 500 gig 7200 rpm Drive – this should do a lot to improve hd access speeds, program startups etc… Ok, the image isn’t 500gigs, I could only find 320gig 7200rpm drives on

I’m thinking with the above upgrades, my Mac would be a whole new beast basically! Good enough for another 3 years of use. Granted, that would also cost $400 plus change for all that…

Little bits at a time.  My *new* 250 gig drive is quickly filling up with photos and movies, 40 gigs or so left which isn’t much. I like to see atleast 100 gigs free space otherwise there isn’t much room for rendering videos all, considering the video files can take up 6 or 8 gigs, then the rendered video can be up to 4 or 5 gigs for DVDs… so if you’re doing lots of that, not much room for caching, swapping, trash, etc…

I think this is what some of my extra money from next year will go towards, as capital expenses for my company (Micah Gallant – sole proprietorship).

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