Exodus 20:11 – 6 literal days of creation!

During my daily ‘devos’ (sounds so lame to call them devos or devotions 😛 ). During my daily time spent reading Gods Word, I came across verse 11 in Exodus 20. Can’t say I remember hearing anything about it specifically in all the creation seminars I went to or that I’ve listened to. Though no doubt it was mentioned, it got me wondering whether it indeed agreed with the other passages and what the Hebrew for day was and what it meant exactly. (Hebrew = old testiment, Greek = new testiment – Woohoo, I have working bible history knowledge). I read my bible usually off blueletterbible.org. So I googled ch 20 vs 11 and found this website: The Institute for Creation Research.  The entry for verse 11 reads this:

20:11 in six days. This verse, written on stone by God’s own hand (Exodus 31:18) settles once and for all the question of the meaning of “day” in the creation chapter (Genesis 1). Man was to work six days and rest one day because God did; in fact, God took six days, instead of a single instant, to finish His work of creating and making all things to be a model for humanity (Genesis 2:1-3). God’s week was of precisely the same duration and pattern as man’s regular week. The Hebrew word for “days” (yamim), furthermore, is used over seven hundred times in the Old Testament, and cannot be shown ever to require any meaning except that of literal days, certainly never to anything comparable to geological ages. Still further, “all that in them is” was made in the six days; nothing had been made previously, as the gap theory of Genesis would require. There seems to be no legitimate exegesis of Genesis that can ever allow for the theoretical ages of evolutionary geology. Further, no such gap is necessary; all the data of rocks and fossils are much better explained in terms of the great Flood. It is also significant that other human measurements of time (day, month, year) are keyed to astronomical processes. The universal week, however, has no astronomical base whatever. We keep time in weeks simply because God does!

So thats cool, proof from the Hebrew again of 6 literal days, not ages, or even 1000 years, but days. Not sure why its so hard for us to believe 6 days… If God can do it in millions of years or 6000 years, why is it all the sudden a miracle to do it in 6 days? God is God, He could have created the earth in 6 minutes if He wanted. Anyways, my belief is 6 literal days, and indeed that there was not an earth before this creation (ie another creation that fell and He started over again with)

Plus, how cool is it that we keep weeks, the 7 day week because thats how God designed it? Anyways, hope it stirs some to thing about it.

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