A lifetime is never long enough

Thinking about the scale of time in which we leave, there is never enough time. I’m not thinking day to day, rather year to year. As you go through childhood, continue to college, move out of the house, get married, become parents, see your kids through all those stages, grow old, become grandparents. So many things, life experience all happen too fast and not fast enough all at the same time. I keep thinking I need to slow down, enjoy each part of life as we encounter them. Not too much I can slow though, time still runs at its pace. With all my interest in the end times, and the return of the Lord, I wonder if I’ll have enough time to enjoy a full life or not, to experience all the things life has to offer.

I guess as I take the time to think about it, as now, thats when you really are able to appreciate life in the way that I want to appreciate it. Relaxing and thinking of the good times, all the memories, I hope it doesn’t all go by too quickly. I’m old enough to have had 3 cats, one with my parents in my parents house, 2 so far as i’ve been living on my own and with Lindsey.  They live 10 or 14 years at least (though one died after only a couple years, eaten by a fox up north :S ). That provides a good measure of time past really (at least for me until we have children, and  then I suppose all time is measured in the ages and adventures of children).

I get to see all our friends with children, the disciplining, the relationships, the trials, sicknesses, troubles, and the birthdays, and Lindsey and I get to see what we life, what we don’t like, what we’ll try to avoid and in general how we might parent considering what we’ve seen of other parents with young kids.

Soon enough everything will come, ‘if the Lord tarries’ they say. Though, I shouldn’t want to be pushing off the Lords return, I just want to appreciate and be a part of all the good things we have on this earth and all Gods blessings that we have now.

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