The pre-war chatter is up with Israel and Iran. Reading lots of articles today about Netanyahus’ secret visit to Russia, how multiple intelligence sources are suggesting that Iran can now indeed build at least 2 nukes, albeit hastily. And news that Iran has cross the red line, almost too far now they are saying for a military option to be effective. yes, I truly am pro Israel 🙂 Not because I think they are perfect, which I think I’ve stated before, but because I think Israel isn’t threatening anybody, they truly just want to live their lives. Meanwhile, these other bigger countries can’t think of anything else than getting rid of Israel. Stopping settlements for peace is a farce, they ask for that and once conceded, they will want prisoners for peace, and once thats agreed to, they will want the Golan heights for peace, and once thats agreed to, … well, they will know that Israel is weak and that now that they have no more militarily strategic land, they will be able to wage war against Israel and have a much better chance at ‘wiping them off the map’ as the Iranian president called for.

I’m not worried about Israel at all though. God has a plan for them, God will not let them be completely destroyed, even in the end times according to the bible. God is watching over them and no ‘non western’ regime can prevail without god letting them do so.

With the war chatter up, the tension at a high, no matter what, God is in control, His Will be done, and as of now, I still believe that the believers in Christ will be taken ‘off stage’ before the final events really start rolling. Exciting times for sure! Biblical times is not an overstatement

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