First Overseas Trip – Scotland 2009

This Scotland / England trip was my first overseas trip ever. I really enjoyed it, and the flight times weren’t horrible.  5 or 6 hours there, 8 back I think.

First Dave took us to the Isle of Mull and Iona. What was most different to me was not so much the driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road but the size of the roads, how windy they were. On Mull, the roads were only wide enough for 1 car, you had to turn off at special places to let others by. And in Edinburgh, all the roads are quite tiny, all the cars were tiny! No big half ton pickups here, or oversized SUVs. Most cars were diesel, and standard and you need that because the gas is twice the price as it is here. Over 2 bucks a litre!! How can you afford to drive anywhere…  Anyways, the driving thing was quite an experience in itself. I loved the highlands, and the walk to Camas (an outdoor adventure camp) which was 2kms walking distance was a GREAT initiation and warm up for hiking the wall.

Free roaming sheep were plentiful and an odd change to here where everything is well fenced in, the landscape was wide open as the land isn’t good for much other then grazing of livestock, and there were long stone walls erected everywhere which must have taken a long time to build each one of them. A lot of labour would have went into those. That was impressive too.

The history of all this never ceased to amaze me, thinking that people had been on that land for thousands of years, generation after generation building up these things, living, dying.. In Canada, there is much land where the history is basically only 2 or at most, 300 years old.

I’ll write more about the history in another blog though. I loved the hills, the landscape, not too different from the various types of landscape that can be seen in Canada but then Canada is huge compared to the UK.

One thing I will say is that it certainly lived up to the rainy-ness and greyness that is often spoken of it. People get used to it I suppose, or they just forget what warm dry days feel like. Its basically damp most of the time if its not raining, people have ‘drying’ rooms there, which I thought was different. Here, we don’t consider whole rooms for drying things, but there, you need too. Mold is also everywhere being that its damp almost all the time. Again, something you get accustomed to.

More thoughts to come.

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