Geocaching Premium Membership

I can now proudly say that I’m a geocaching premium member, Lindsey and I are that is. With it we can use the ‘pocket query’ function to download up to 500 caches at a pop, and load them on our Garmin Vista. The map is so full for PEI we can even see the outline of the island under all the geocache icons 😀

Its only $10 USD for 3 months (auto renewing) which isn’t too bad to check out the features, and load up your GPS. I also used the ‘caches along a route’ feature for our trip to Scotland and Hadrians wall. There was actually someone who already made the route, I just searched for ‘Hadrians wall’ and a pre-mapped route with geocaches came up so now we have 81 to find along the route all within 1 km of the trail!

So for any geocacher, I think I can easily recommend at least trying the premium membership. Not required for caching by any means but a few nice options if you really get into caching!

Check it out at

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