Wii Sports Resort – First Impressions

So my friend bought we sports resort and we played it on my Wii. Pretty cool. I guess those two words would sum up my thoughts on it so far. A lot of potential there, I haven’t played it for hours yet to really see what goodies there are.

I like the dueling, archery, flying and ping pong the most I think. Ping pong could turn out to be a GREAT 2 player challenge just as tennis was in the original Wii Sports. the 1 to 1 motion is 95%. The wiimote still gets ‘spun’ sometimes requiring you to recalibrate it or fly ‘straight and level’ for a second to get it reset. I’m looking forward to see even better 1-1 use of it.

What I don’t like are again the shallowness of some of the games, same thing as wii sports basically, there isn’t much to the scoring or difficulty levels that I see yet. AND, no blockbuster 4 player on screen games like the original Tennis on Wii sports which was one of the best 4 player games ever I think. No doubles ping pong which would have been GREAT! Also, no online, whats up with that? I would love an online feature for ping pong, or the aerial dogfight game, or even (for ease of Internet bandwidth) online golf. Alas, nothing online that I see 🙁 . I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t like online stuff, when all the customers want online.

So, in conclusion,… its definitely a Wii Sports equal in term so game play and fun for anybody whether they like video games or not. Just like the original, there are SO many things that would have really made this a deep sequel, a FULL game instead of a pile of mini games / demos. Still, all that said, I would suggest its a must have for Wii if you liked the original Wii sports.

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2 thoughts on “Wii Sports Resort – First Impressions

  1. So you played it, eh? It’s decent enough. I wish the motion sensing was better. I’m not sure what I’d put it at but 95% is generous after playing it a while. I really, really hope it’s a Wii Sports Resort only bugginess but I think it’s just the way it is unfortunately. I think I’d put it at 85% or so. Try the sword fighting game. That is really fun but when you get to the higher levels you want to play so hard that it gets messed up often.

    I didn’t know you had a nice blog like this over here. Good job.

  2. ya, I totally noticed as soon as you get to the second from last level or whatever the wiimote gets spun very quickly! You have to reset it, such a pain…

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