Solar Living

   I’m on the solar power band wagon again, getting pumped about it. I really want to get that going and now that we’re settled a bit more, I can start thinking about it again. I figure I can run my whole office off 400 watts. Yes, that is a lot of wattage just for an office, but I run a lot of electronics in order to be able to work effectively remotely. It would be very cool to be running totally off the grid at least in one room.

Check out this youtube vid of a guy that, well basically bought Cantire components (not from can tire but you can get the same type of stuff there, not commercial grade is what I mean). He started smallish and built on it.

Basically he runs a lot of his house from a 1300 investment, how cool is that?!!! Now he isn’t running the fridge and stove off it but still the potential is TOTALLY there. One income tax return could really get a nice setup started.

So now I’m looking for solar panels to try this out. Thats the next step!

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