The sun comes out

Finally the sun has come out, looks like its here for a couple of days anyways. Still quite chilly, 12 degrees or lower at night. Supposed to be getting up around 20 or 25 though, that will be nice! We spoke with a nice neighbour who coincidentally also came from Ontario, Ottawa to be exact. He was telling us the rules and regulations of the garbage, composting, and recycling that we were quite confused about! They have lots of strict rules here for types of bags to be used, what can and cannot be recycled or put in the trash etc. ┬áHim and his wife were thinking of moving back to NB, as there is family there I believe. Family is always the draw to stay in a certain place or to move to a certain location. And while I understand it, i wonder how many people would like to move but just can’t because it would be too far away from family? Granted, family is more important then moving someone particular,.. but still, its one of those things you have to give up(if you had a dream to go live somewhere) . Ah well, I’m hoping we can start family roots in PEI, that would be awesome!

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