Another round of biblical prophecy ranting

Is this related to biblical prophecy, maybe not right off. First Iran, I don’t understand the rulers, do they have no conscience? Do they not value other human life in any way. I guess they haven’t killed many of the protesters yet… as far as we know anyways, but those governments try SO hard to suppress the peoples voice… As annoying as the Tamil Tiger rally in Toronto was and their success in disrupting downtown Toronto and traffic, I do appreciate that we are tolerant of peaceful protest. Hey, I would be boiling and complaining as much as the next guy if I was behind them in traffic!! But,… still, its one of our rights, and it shouldn’t even be  a right in terms of the law, it should just be tolerated, we shouldn’t need a constitution or whatever to guarantee that we can say what we want. But I digress, God isn’t reigning on earth just yet. I feel sorry for the Iranian people, I really do think 90% of them are just people living their lives hoping not to get into trouble, or be jailed by the morality police or whatever.

I thought it was funny when they blamed the ‘zionist radio’ for influencing their people that the votes were rigged. Does Israel spread anti-iran propaganda,… well maybe but Iran isn’t innocent of anything. Iran should be happy that Israel hasn’t bombed them yet with all those wreckless statements by Mahmoud amma-do-ma-dad.  Probably have the CIA monitoring my blog now for saying that, no more free speech in the world anywhere honestly! Wars are necessary evils. God didn’t want wars in bible times yet because of the evil, wars happened and Israel was defeated, and other times Israel won with Gods help. This is the world we live in and God understands who man is, obviously eh, He created us!

I just googled pictures for Iran to put in the blog, and what came up was disturbing, pictures of homosexuals being hanged, a women being stoned for adultery, stories on womens rights :S K, nevermind the picture here..  Granted, there was such punishment in bible times like that based on the old testiment law. the new testiment is one of grace though, one that recognizes sin in people, we all sin, and that God forgives us for that sin, and it is not for use to punish people by death for things like that. God is the righteous judge.

Interesting that amma-dooby-dab won, whether rigged or not, he is pretty radical and quite outspoken against Israel, one thing it does to is make the decisions easier for Israel rather than having a moderate in place. I’m on Israels side! I think they are Gods chosen people as stated in the bible,  and though they have not recognized the messiah, Jesus, He does have a plan for them to be fulfilled methinks sooner then later. I have my theories, albeit based on many prophecy speakers and other regular pastors speaking on the subject of bible prophecy and Israel in the end times. I’m pumped about Gods  plan, I’m excited that the bible is true and prophecies are coming true today like never before in history. We are TRULY living in biblical times! Israel becoming a nation is one of the best signs. Come Lord Jesus come.

Here is a Youtube vid of the 6 day war. Prophecy happening on youtube!

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