So WHO is pumped about snow leopard?? MAYBE coming out at wwdc this year? Rumours are it will launch more like October or something. Maybe I can get it for my birthday 🙂

Snow Leopard

Don’t know what Snow Leopard it? Is the upcoming OS, successor to OSX Leopard. 64 bit computing, 99% of the work here is core / backend work to improve stability, performance, security so this will be an awesome upgrade. And luckily I got the 64 bit processor macbook. May need to get me a bit more ram though, max it out at 3 gigs.

I love my mac, I love the imacs, excellent desktops, you couldn’t ask for anything more. You buy one system and it comes preloaded with effectively all the software you’ll ever need. Software for: Photos, movies, backups, mail, browsers, Itunes, web design, basically everything you need. The only software I’ve gotten for mine over and above the preinstalled stuff is Transmit (FTP Program, there are many free ones too), and MS RDP client for work, and Adium.

I love iLife too, you can’t beat it, sure, sometimes it doesn’t have ALL the features of other products for windows but then you also would have to pay for those products on the windows machine, they don’t come preinstalled with your first hardware purchase.

So there ya go, get a mac! I’ll never go back to Windows. Thats my plug for Apple. (Hey apple, do I get any money for promoting you??)

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