After the weekend

Twas a great long weekend and a long weekend it WAS. We went to the Youngs cottage, near Perth almost! 4 hours from here. Did lots of great dirtbiking, smashed things off the bike, as per usual! Fun time mudding. We were there saturday, then sunday and monday in Bolsover for a more relaxing time. Had the trailer along for the whole haul and it worked quite well. Though I did need to replace the wiring, did that sunday night. So that was a good test for the big move, the 18 hours or whatever it is to PEI. Had a great time, we’ll be going to one more cottage this year in Ontario methinks, that with the young adults group in early june so that should be fun.

I did post new photos to my album as well, and also on facebook. Yes, I posted photos on facebook, I’ve relaxed my paranoia a tiny bit. Its still one of the best forums to get the photos viewed by those who are interested in them, thanks to the tagging ability. Hard to beat that! Ohwell.

Loving the D90, see the photos in the album for an example of what I took. They aren’t all gallery caliber photos but, some nice selective focus photos there and night photos and stuff. Overall, had a great time!

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