A busy week


I didn’t get around to posting after our hike. It was great, sunny out, started to rain a tiny bit. We did 6kms in 1.25 hours, which is really good. 20km should be no problem at that rate!


e had and are having a really busy week with Lindseys parents coming over this past weekend and then this weekend we’ll be going to TWO cottages. I’ll be taking my dirtbike which will be nice! But its going to be a pretty rushed weekend me thinks, lots packed in anyways. Should have LOTS of pictures from that


Oh, jeepers, I didn’t mention the BIG event, Lindsey graduated with her masters degree! That is so awesome and I’m so proud of her, its quite the accomplishment, she is definitely smarter then I!

I love Lindsey with ALL my heart – just saying… 😉

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